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Tents and Other Nomadic Dwellings

We have a little book available to purchase. Created to accompany an exhibition at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter, UK, the book contains some beautiful images and a brief introduction to a diversity of different nomadic architectures.

We are selling the few remaining copies as a fundraiser. The book is £10.50 plus post and packing, for which there are two rates, an international rate, and a separate UK rate. Please make sure you select the right one as we do not have a system that detects where in the world you are based. We have only 100 copies left.



Image Description

Image Description

Small Poster

You can download a high resolution copy of this image to explore some of the connections we have found between the different types of mobile architectures. This is just the beginning of a major project to compare the types and develop morphic sequences between them.

African Helicopter Toy

These toys are made in the slums of Nairobi by a small group of people for whom this is their only source of income. They will feed their families for a week (or more) on each toy you buy. They will send their children to school too (currently only 75% of children in Kenya receive any secondary education, and the figure is far lower for those in the slums).

The price is indeed ridiculously high, but this is a fundraiser with a free toy given as a return. We cannot guarantee delivery. You are not buying from us. We are simply passing your details on to the group as kind donors and they will manage making and shipping the toys out. But they will, I know, do everything that they can to get them to you, and I will probably bring back as many as I can to send from here in the UK. We will not keep any of the money unless we decide to ship some on their behalf.


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Even if you do not buy the book, please consider making a donation to help us to support this important work.

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